Particular Consultation, Tips for the Photo Shooting

In this column, I answer questions about my photo studio service in particular and photography in general:

Do you use an analog or a digital camera?
In my photo studio, I only use a digital camera because it has obvious advantages compared to the analog one. Shortly after taking a picture, you can see it on-screen and decide whether you like it or not. Alternatively, we can take another serie of pictures. Digital photos can be easily altered and fine-tuned . The quality of digital photos is excellent and a re-order easier and more convenient in the future.

Do I need an appointment?
As sometimes I have on-site photoshootings, I am out of office; that is why it is better to call me prior to the visit.

Is it possible to have a preliminary agreement about details?
A preliminary agreement is actually preferred and highly recommended. It clarifies all details concerning your preferences for the photo shooting, such as location (in studio, outdoors, or a specific location), phototype (colour or black and white), background colour, and requisites. The preliminary conversation can be done over the phone or directly in my studio.
In order to focus my work on your expectations and help you with professional advice, it is important for you to inform me about the purpose of the photos.

I want to bring along a friend to the photo shooting, is that permitted?
Sure, this is not a problem.

What should I wear and bring along?
It is important to feel comfortable in your clothes. Ask your friends what looks good on you and is appropriate for the occasion. You could bring 2 or 3 different outfits so you can choose between them. Of course, there is a mirror available in the studio.

Where do I get inspiration for the photoshooting?
Are you a classical type of person or lively and sporty? If you find interesting pictures in a magazine, or if you have nice photos of yourself or friends, please bring them along. You can also get some inspiration from my photo gallery.

How can I get good photos?
During the shooting, think of something pleasant (your last vacation or a good chat with friends), or imagine that you got an offer for the perfect job.

How does the photo selection occur?
For photos for applications or portraits, the selection is made by checking the photos on-screen and instantly choosing the best ones. If desired, you may get a print-out of all pictures in order to select your favorite one without any hurry. For all other assignments, you will automatically get a print-out.

Do I get a photo in a digital form?
For online applications, I can offer you to purchase of copyright. This is also an option in case of portraits, event, wedding, and commercial photos. In this case, you may re-order photos by yourself.

Do you improve and adjust selected photos?
I do optimize aspects, like brightness, contrast, and cutting. Please, let me know if you desire me to remove dermal impurities or scars.

Do you do elaborate photomontages and composits?
Digital photography allows a variety of possibilities; please, let me know what you expect.

I need photos in poster size.
You may order posters in different sizes. You may get a frame as well, or I can deliver them on a stretcher frame.

Do you also make photo shootings outside of Munich?
Yes, I do. It would be glad to accommodate your individual needs.
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